NOAA 5-day Marine Forecast App Reviews

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Not Accurate

Very different wave forecast compared to NOAA’s wave forecast. App calls for around 1 foot. NOAA predicts seas 2 to 3 foot. I would not rely on this App.

Rudimentary and basic

You can get what you want but why would any current app not default to a user location. Especially for $1.99. 30 lines of code would fix this. Every time you touch a place on the map to get a forecast, it has to download data. The app often hangs there with no way of canceling. I want my money back.

Pretty good but lots of room for improvement

It seems a little crude to click on a location and then have the app pick the closest tide buoy. Why not show all tide buoys and let the user select one? Also why can’t you save favorite locations? The biggest problem I have with the app is that it doesn’t seem to include all tide buoys. There are several that are missing in the area that I sail in.

No Offshore

Would really be nice if the offshore forecasts were included. Would be very easy to add

Ideal for a Casual Boater

Just the main needed facts, incl weather & tide info specific to a location. Weeded through a lot of apps until I found this one.


Easy to navigate get the info i need.

2 stars

Could be better rating , but the size of the font for the current day is so small it’s unreadable. All other days are fine


Not sure how feasible to better predict fog conditions, but so far app not very helpful.

Not very specific

Cape cod bay and Nantucket sound are close on the map but have two very different weather patterns. This app lumps them all together making it useless to differentiate between the two areas.

Great response

Developer contacted me after my review and gave me a simple fix. Thanks for response. Can you make the map area larger with less text below?

Not worth it

This app has only the most basic information, all of which you can get from google for free in one click. Not worth having.

I love it

Best app for marine forecast

Great app

This app has all the information needed when planning a weekend fishing trip. Wind, weather, tides, and waves!

Great app

I find this app very helpful as a boater on Cape Cod. I recommend this to any boater.


Inaccurate wind directions and speed along with often no wave conditions, and when they do show up they are also inaccurate.

Easiest way into the NOAA info I've found

By far the easiest way I have found to access all the information from NOAA using a simple graphic interface. I travel constantly and getting marine forecasts other ways has been awkward til now.


Great App for immediate travel.


Limited but works for me. Anyone who wants accurate weather forecasting should be using multiple sources anyway.

Good info

Good info but I wish it had location

Not sure how to contact support.

Email address to make suggestions does not fill in address. Can't save locations, map very small to maneuver on iPhone.

Not enough detail in forecast.

Easy to use, but forecast is by day an night only. Would be nice if forecast could be more specific for different times of day.

WX Review

Easy to use.

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