NOAA 5-day Marine Forecast App Reviews

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Calm water and weather yet received a “Risk” warning

Currently on the water and search for weather to see how it compares. The water and weather forecast is calm, yet I received a pop-up “Risk” warning!!

Go to weather app

Concise, accurate for SW FL and glitch-free. Use it regularly.

Not happy with app

Not user friendly. Too hard to get an accurate zone forecast. Found the app to be slow also.

By far the best

The best marine forecasting app I’ve seen. The NOAA forecast on Weather Underground for example, is limited to 2 days, and you have to go through a laborious process to pick a location. This one is point and shoot.... and after a couple of months using it, I’d say it’s highly accurate.

Not so good

I live directly on the ocean and when I compare the forecast of the actual conditions they are very accurate the ocean changes quickly but the updates don’t happen very often with this app

Good app for written description of marine weather

This app gives specific marine (wind, waves, & visibility) weather for the point where you tap on the water body, and also for the zone that the water body is in. I found it confusing at first because I was tapping in Buzzards Bay, MA, and, depending on where I tapped the heading for the weather info would read Plymouth, Hyannis, or Portsmouth, RI. I thought I was getting the weather for those locations. Nowhere do the conditions indicate that you are getting the forecast for Buzzards Bay so you just have to trust that you are getting the forecast for the point you press. The app designer graciously provided further explanation.

Slick, intuitive

Very easy to use. Tides are very accessible - the one tiny issue is that exact times of HW and LW are not shown, only graphs. The graphs do show current time on them for a quick assessment of ‘is the tide rising or falling’. Nice.

Forecast area is limited to the immediate coast.

About 60 to 70% of the forecast Zone does not provide a forecast. Instead when you touch the map a notification pops up stating forecast unavailable.

Handy app

Very simple to operate. I run a 21-foot Whaler offshore and the app is much more fun and user-friendly than the clunky NOAA site where it draws its data from. Has it’s only limitation in that the NOAA site goes into hibernation every so often and the App then tells you that it’s loading data as it endlessly cycles. P Good app and worth the small fee.

Great APP!

This is a great app. I use it all the time. Very reliable. Spot on!

Not much info

Would be nice to get weather or small craft advisory as notifications

Only marine forecast in USA waters.... was looking for Mexican waters...

Purchased app for Mexican waters...

4.5 Stars

I like that the tide chart and marine forecast are both presented. It’s also really convenient, being on my phone. The online NOAA marine forecast has more info, in forecasting the weather and the marine forecast. Can you add that extra info here? Thx

Not worth buying

I just bought the App because I needed to know the marine Forecast off Charleston, South Carolina. It was unable to give me any information at all on the forecast. I checked the next zone north of Charleston and the App couldn’t give me any information there either. It did not appear to be a problem with NOAA, but with the App itself. I didn’t like giving this App even one star because I see it as worthless, but the only way to rate it is to give it at least one star.

Nice app

Awesome. Exactly like in noaa radio plus tides!!! Perfect


For as long as I can remember I have used NOAA zone websites for marine weather and another for local tides. This app combines the two and is fast to load and update. I have not seen a better App.

Good to Have

Very helpful when you need special alerts on weather conditions and stuff. I like it a lot. Thanks! I have another app by the same developer too!

Reliable and helpful

Living on a boat and traveling the ICW it allows us to plan ahead and almost look around the corner to avoid unwanted surprises room for improvements? yes, but a great format and easy to read.

Beyond basic

Just a lousy local chart with low definition an one far away buoy giving you basic tide information Zero wind maps with arrows as it should have even if designed by a 2 year old And you call this “ Marine “ I am a sailor and there is zero added value in this app and nothing that anyone can’t find on any weather app Be serious put a wind direction map with arrows and wind speeds

Not Accurate

Very different wave forecast compared to NOAA’s wave forecast. App calls for around 1 foot. NOAA predicts seas 2 to 3 foot. I would not rely on this App.

Rudimentary and basic

You can get what you want but why would any current app not default to a user location. Especially for $1.99. 30 lines of code would fix this. Every time you touch a place on the map to get a forecast, it has to download data. The app often hangs there with no way of canceling. I want my money back.

Pretty good but lots of room for improvement

It seems a little crude to click on a location and then have the app pick the closest tide buoy. Why not show all tide buoys and let the user select one? Also why can’t you save favorite locations? The biggest problem I have with the app is that it doesn’t seem to include all tide buoys. There are several that are missing in the area that I sail in.

No Offshore

Would really be nice if the offshore forecasts were included. Would be very easy to add

Ideal for a Casual Boater

Just the main needed facts, incl weather & tide info specific to a location. Weeded through a lot of apps until I found this one.


Easy to navigate get the info i need.

2 stars

Could be better rating , but the size of the font for the current day is so small it’s unreadable. All other days are fine


Not sure how feasible to better predict fog conditions, but so far app not very helpful.

Not very specific

Cape cod bay and Nantucket sound are close on the map but have two very different weather patterns. This app lumps them all together making it useless to differentiate between the two areas.

Great response

Developer contacted me after my review and gave me a simple fix. Thanks for response. Can you make the map area larger with less text below?

Not worth it

This app has only the most basic information, all of which you can get from google for free in one click. Not worth having.

I love it

Best app for marine forecast

Great app

This app has all the information needed when planning a weekend fishing trip. Wind, weather, tides, and waves!

Great app

I find this app very helpful as a boater on Cape Cod. I recommend this to any boater.


Inaccurate wind directions and speed along with often no wave conditions, and when they do show up they are also inaccurate.

Easiest way into the NOAA info I've found

By far the easiest way I have found to access all the information from NOAA using a simple graphic interface. I travel constantly and getting marine forecasts other ways has been awkward til now.


Great App for immediate travel.


Limited but works for me. Anyone who wants accurate weather forecasting should be using multiple sources anyway.

Good info

Good info but I wish it had location

Not sure how to contact support.

Email address to make suggestions does not fill in address. Can't save locations, map very small to maneuver on iPhone.

Not enough detail in forecast.

Easy to use, but forecast is by day an night only. Would be nice if forecast could be more specific for different times of day.

WX Review

Easy to use.

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